Cooking Tips

Cooking “Helpful Tips”

To test when chicken is done?
It is always best to cook chicken until well done – rare poultry is not advisable.
When you prick the chicken at it thickest point and juices run clear that is one sign that chicken is done, if juices run pink it will need more cooking time.

The best way to check is by internal temperature with a meat thermometer:

Whole Chicken 180°F
Chicken Breast 180°F
Leg Quarters 180°F
Ground Chicken 180°F
Leftovers 180°F


Put your chicken in a sealable container – poke or lightly score – then soak in marinate over night or all day. 

Buttermilk is a great marinating base which you can add your favorite spices or herbs to.  Remember – keep in a sealable container in the refrigerator while marinating.

Italian dressing is another wonderful marinating base.  Simply marinate your chicken in a sealable container in the refrigerator for 2 hours to over night.

Safe Handling Tips

Always keep raw poultry refrigerated.  It is best kept at 38° or below. 
The temperature danger zone is between 40° and 140° F
Most bacteria cannot grow when the temperature is below 40° – is will not be killed, but it will not grow.

Remember when preparing raw meats and poultry to keep the separate from your other foods. 
Never use the same work or cutting surface area that you are preparing raw meat or poultry unless you have thoroughly cleaned the area.  Wash your hands, utensils, dishes and surface area with hot, soapy water.  It is best to prepare your other foods before your meats or poultry.

Wash your hands!  Wash your hands with warm, soapy water after handling any raw meat or poultry to prevent the spread of bacteria.
Always refrigerate your leftovers within two hours to avoid danger of bacteria growth.   
Always check package expiration dates

Freeze your package of chicken if you are not going to use it within one to two days after purchase.  Wrap your chicken in a freezer bag or added freezer paper to prevent freezer burn.  Chicken will keep in the freezer this way up to one year.

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