• Started in early 1940’s as a dairy farm
  • Began raising turkeys in mid-1940’s
  • Integrated turkey business until 1974
  • Switched to chickens in the 1970’s
  • Involved at the time: Hatching, feeding and growing chickens
  • 1992 – purchased Booth’s Poultry Farm/Processing
  • 1992 – processing 20,000 chickens per week
  • Grown 15+ times in 15-years
  • Current:  350,000+ per week
  • Hatch the chicks in Goshen at our hatchery
  • Produce all the feed fed to the chickens
  • Employ over 300+ people plus the 125+ farmer producers that grow our chickens (80% Amish)
  • Hatch nearly 400,000 chicks per week
  • Purchase over 2 million bushels of corn annually
  • Process over 350,00+ chickens weekly
  • Produce -All naturally grown, antibiotic free chicken
  • Give over 50,000 pounds of chicken annually to charity


  • The Miller family has been directly involved with raising live poultry since 1947
  • Currently there are 125 farm families raising our chickens under smaller, non-factory farm practices in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan
  • Air chill is a new process for the U.S. – it has been in Europe and Canada for several year


  • All our feed is ground and mixed at our New Paris feed facility. 
  • We oversee all feed ingredients and delivery to the farms.
  • We track ingredients from point of origin by batch to ensure quality.
  • We employ a nutritionist specializing in antibiotic free rations
  • We feed all vegetable ingredients, no animal by products.
  • Location:  New Paris, Indiana
  • Also grind and mix feed for Culver Duck in Middlebury, Indiana


  1. 1940’s - Established by Booth Farms – raising and processing chicken and turkey
  2. 1992 – Miller Family purchased the plant and began to upgrade but continue with the tradition of family, quality and community
  3. Today – The Miller family continues the tradition of family, quality and community and brings the air chilling process to the U.S. market place


  1. Family owned
  2. All naturally raised and processed
  3. Antibiotic Free
  4. Grown by dedicated farm families
  5. The Air-Chilled Difference
  6. We are home grown fresh providing quality, wholesome chicken product
What is air-chilled chicken?

Simply put, the chicken is cooled with air, not water.  Western Europe and Canada have been using this method and believe it results in more genuine chicken flavor which is moist and more tender when cooked.  It is also believed that air-chilled chicken is cleaner with less chance of contamination because it is chilled simply with air.

We think you would rather buy only pure chicken.  Air-chilled chicken is individually cooled in cooling chambers rather than being immersed in a water bath for cooling.  The closely monitored cooling chamber chills the chicken with air, not water, so there is no extra absorption of water and the cool air seals in the natural juices and flavor.


  • A leading poultry company surveyed consumers to find that 91% agree, that chicken raised without antibiotics is important
  • Crystal Valley has years of experience raising chickens naturally, without antibiotics!
  • Read your labels, all natural does not mean antibiotic free – this is one more step we do to bring a quality chicken product


  • We at Crystal Valley want to emphasize we appreciate our customers
  • We strive to supply you with nothing but the finest product possible and feel your customers will come to appreciate the difference of Crystal Valley products
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